• Experiences/new behaviours, new behaviours create new thoughts, and new feelings. Understanding this is important for understanding how to work in our emerging new economy. This insight came from my dear friend Emily LeGrand at Flying Squirrels when she was telling me about human behaviour change research. Emily is behind many of the reconnecting children with nature and unstructured play programs in Nova Scotia
  • Practicing ancient archetypes of being around a fire, being in nature,  eating together, telling stories, going on a journey together, is healing and creates space for transformation and innovation. Thank you Susan Szpakowski at How We Thrive, Adam Barnett who I started the Front Street Community Oven with,  and Celes Davar at Earth Rhythm’s, for illuminating this in different ways.
  • As a household, I’ve realized that setting up my food procurement to avoid large grocery stores means I produce 85% less waste, I save money,  I eat better, and I reclaim my time (I spend more time being with people than alone shopping)

New to me Practices and Lenses that Have Shifted Things for Me

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