It was a real pleasure to co-host this workshop our community oven space, Front Street Community Oven, with Jess Ross of Gold Island Bakery. I hope we can offer this again.

Here are a few photos of the magical event.

The class include:

  • 3-hour hands on workshop
  • Small group for best learning experience
  • This workshop is open to beginners and avid bakers. 

The workshop will cover:

1. Mixing your dough from sourdough starter (hands-on)

2. Kneading and proofing (hands-on)

3. While our breads rise, Doug will do a sourdough pita and yeasted based bread demonstration

4. Baking your bread in a wood-fired oven or at home (hands-on)

5. Working with local and whole grain flour from Longspell Point Farm

6. General bread making tips and tricks.

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