Hi there, I’m Duncan

I’m a food community builder and digital marketer. I consider it my calling to build a better food system, one which will provide good, clean, and fair food for all. For me this means supporting the growth of great food projects and businesses. 

Working on a good food project or looking to grow a good food business? I’m open for a quick chat or to connect to you to someone awesome, but I’m currently not taking on clients. My plate is full with these projects here.

My Experience

I’ve worked primarily with food social enterprises and tech startups, so adaption and collaboration are in my bag. Whether it be branding for food-based social enterprises, promoting local investment funds, implementing community economic development strategies, hosting food community events, or building entrepreneurial culture, building food communities and promoting social enterprises is what I do.

I’ve been on the ground to help food and beverage start-ups reach their first $100k in sales, promoted local investment funds towards reaching their first $1 million, and assisted the growth of multi-million dollar retail food businesses with 30%+ yearly growth rates.

I’ve been fortunate to promote and grow amazing organizations like Just Us! Coffee, Taproot Farms, FarmWorks Investment Co-op, Slow Food in Canada, Common Roots Urban Farm, the Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre, Farmers Markets of Nova Scotia, Pie R Squared, and many others dedicated to building a better food system.

I’m based in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, in the center of the beautiful Annapolis Valley. I work with digital marketing clients across Atlantic Canada (New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland).

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Branding, Digital Marketing (Content marketing, growth hacking), Food Community Building, Startup Development


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Your Marketing Should Be Working for You 24/7

Put your feet up! Take a nap!  We’ve got you covered. We (my team and I) help organizations create automated marketing systems that delight the right customers, with the right message, at the right time and place. With a great marketing system in place, you’ll have time to get off the hustling hamster wheel and look at the big picture.

Marketing Systems that Work for You

We know that everyone’s skillsets, schedules, and comfort levels are unique. We know that a one size fits all approach and a laundry list of recommendations isn’t going to work. That’s why we design each marketing funnel to fit your needs and the needs of your team.

Service Areas

Content Marketing

Reaching customers gets more complicated every day. I help businesses make sense of content marketing and the web.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Social media has changed the game. I’ll help you create and execute digital marketing systems that get business results.

Brand Development

First impressions matter. I’ll help your brand stand out and invite your stakeholders to get behind your purpose.

Clients & Projects

Flying Apron Cookery & Inn, Logo, Website, Summerville, Nova Scotia
Pie R Squared - Convenience You Can Trust
Just Us! Coffee Roasters

What My Clients Say About My Work

I am so glad we got to work with Duncan to build a new website, social media and marketing plan.  Duncan built us an asset: a tool, resource, a piece of infrastructure that is helping us grow.  He built us something we can use easily:  Our sales and reach have greatly increased with these in place.
Plus, working with Duncan was fun and painless!  He managed to change my perspective, teach me things, and get me to change my habits without me even noticing!  I spend the same amount of time doing marketing, but with far greater impact now, thanks to what I’ve learned.  I’m so grateful for getting to work with Duncan.  It was time and money well-spent.”
Jayme Melrose

Director, Common Roots Urban Farm

Duncan approaches each project with a level of enthusiasm that is second to none! He works tirelessly at deepening his understanding of our brand and is effective at guiding us through our marketing/branding initiatives in a holistic way. It is always a pleasure to work with Duncan. Not only will I always welcome the opportunity to do so in the future but encourage others to do the same. Duncan’s competitive edge is his sincere passion for supporting local business in being as innovative as possible. He WILL take your enterprise to the next level.
Britt Mastroinni

Managing Director, Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op


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Duncan Ebata

Duncan Ebata

Food Community Builder and Marketer

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