Do you miss coffee chats and fireside conversations? Join us for Wharf Wednesday.

Hello and Welcome,

Year after year, we hear that from folks in Mi’kmaqi (AKA Atlantic Canada) that changemakers, community developers, social innovators need spaces for supporting each other and connecting across the region.

Recently we keep hearing things like:

“We need space where we are held”

“Spaces where we can nourish ourselves, curb the burnout fatigue, and re-energize”

“We miss coffee chats and sharing stories by the fire”

“ We miss conferences, retreats, and in the break chats”

“We miss deep conversations with people who do similar work”

“How do we transition our social support and peer support online?

So we thought, what if we created an informal connecting, lightly structured space to support each other, share stories, a space to try out nourishing/hosting and facilitation practices, a space to have a coffee/tea and check-in, and strengthen our relationships.

Come dock with us!

Julia Feltham and Duncan Ebata in collaboration with Inspiring Communities & How We Thrive

Julia Feltham & Duncan Ebata

Your Hosts

Julia Feltham

Julia Feltham

Mom. Social Entrepreneur. Dedicated to Atlantic Canada, and The Solution Economy.
I work with startups, co-ops, and organizations that make the world a better place. Adaptation, change management and collaborative leadership are my bag.

Duncan Ebata

Duncan Ebata

Coach, Facilitator, Community Builder

Duncan Ebata is passionate about creating food spaces that bring communities together in the spirit of diversity, respect, and kindness. Through facilitating collaborative experiential events, his vision is to support the transformation of our relationships with food, the earth, and each other, creating a fresh narrative in ourselves of health, regeneration, and interconnectedness. Duncan works toward this goal through endeavours such as How We Thrive: The Narrative Project, Rising Tide Experiences & Tours, and the Front Street Community Oven.