The new year is flying by, as it tends to do!

Every year, we find that February is a harder month than January for keeping the momentum going and feeling energized and focused. On Groundhog Day, nobody saw their shadows due to the storm, and so we are now rescheduling this event for Feb. 16th. This is a gathering to check-in with how this year is going so far, learn from our stories, and re-energize.

We invite you to come join a thoughtful group of folks who want to make sense of their experiences and insights, re-invigorate, and connect with themselves and one another.

Together, we will engage in appreciative reflection and in the power of story; experience the vividness of moments in our own stories and patterns so we can shape a better future for ourselves and our communities. Our futures are imagined through a lens that was created by the experiences of our past. Through re-experiencing memories, we can learn to be guided by “the moments you want more of,” and become less likely to be swayed unconsciously by our fears and disappointments.

This is a workshop for both reflection and action, drawing on the practices in Appreciative Inquiry, Art of Hosting, Dialogic Organizational Behaviour, Interpersonal Neurobiology, and Re-Authoring Narratives. This will be a safe and nourishing space of connection. Through reflecting individually and with others in small groups, our vision is for you to leave this gathering feeling inspired and fortified.

During our time together, we will:

  • Garner inspiration from one another, and re-energize through reflecting and connecting with other like-minded folks.
  • Mark this past significant year and use it as a base to move forward from as we maintain (or find) our motivation and inspiration.
  • Creatively tap into “moments you want more of” and learn from your own stories.
  • Gain clarity on what is possible for your future and what you will focus on creating for yourself and the world. Become clear on what is important for you, discard the “should dos”, and be intentional about how you will show up.

This is an experiential online gathering. You will have an opportunity to connect with folks in small groups, breathe, be in safe space, have time to quietly reflect, feel nourished and be re-energized.

Come join us!

P.S. Just because this is a virtual event, it doesn’t mean we have unlimited space. Please sign-up early so we have time to do our best to meet the needs of the group and adjust our agenda accordingly.

Your Hosts

Amanda Bostlund

Amanda Bostlund

Amanda Bostlund resides in a small village near the Atlantic shore in Mi’kma’ki, and is living into questions around how we together create a more thriving world. At the core of her fairly eclectic life is a love and curiosity for permaculture and systems thinking, nature connection and mentoring, and being playful. She highly values mutually supportive and inspiring conversations and the processes and structures that make these possible. She has been exploring these passions through facilitation, re-authoring practices, regenerative design, and connecting in (the rest of) nature. Amanda is the founder of Open Air Learning

Duncan Ebata

Duncan Ebata

Coach, Facilitator, Community Builder

Duncan Ebata is passionate about creating food spaces that bring communities together in the spirit of diversity, respect, and kindness. Through facilitating collaborative experiential events, his vision is to support the transformation of our relationships with food, the earth, and each other, creating a fresh narrative in ourselves of health, regeneration, and interconnectedness. Duncan works toward this goal through endeavours such as How We Thrive: The Narrative Project, Rising Tide Experiences & Tours, and the Front Street Community Oven.