These are three things that are working for me to grow my Instagram @debata account and save time. I’ve gained 50 new followers in January when I was actively doing the things mentioned below. Recently I’ve slowed down on Instagram because I’m working on keeping up with the flood of client work, a great problem to have.

  1. Hashtag – Hashtags are how people discover your content on Instagram. I’ve been using 30 hashtags per post that influencers in the good and local food marketing space use. These hashtags have between 25k and 200k images associated with them. I have these hashtags saved in Evernote so that it’s easy to copy and paste them into the comment section below a post or into the post content itself. I immediately noticed I was getting followers from people I didn’t know when I started doing this. Look at other influencers in your market to find the relevant hashtags!
  2. Be clear about your marketing goals. This may not seem like a “time saving tip”, but it is! Who’s the audience you need to see your content? What is the purpose of your Instagram channel? (For example, mine is to grow my email list community).  Simply put, make it clear what you do, what value you offer, and why someone should visit your landing page in your bio (ideally, give them a gift!). It’s a waste of time not to do this as it’s the first thing people look at when they discover your content.
  3. Reposting highly engaging content with the hashtags. Look at influential people that are marketing to your target community/market then repost these posts with the hashtags they use.

Bonus round: I’ve just started requesting Shoutout for Shoutouts (S4S).

Step 1: Find 10 accounts that have similar following as engagement

Step 2: Message people through direct message or contact info in their bio and let them know that you’re interested in s4s.

What’s working for you on Instagram? Comment below!