The Narrative PRoject 

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The Narrative Project - How We Thrive

333 Atlantic Canadian’s coming together and working on collectively choosing the stories we live by. The Narrative Project is about choosing the stories we live by in this Atlantic region of Mi’kma’ki. Often the narratives that shape our institutions and community life are just assumed—the way things are. Last spring, COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter protests disrupted the continuity of dominant narratives. Through the cracks more became visible. We saw inequities and vulnerabilities, embedded racism and quiet acts of heroism.

During those same months, the Narrative Project hosted an online space that invited alternative stories to shine through the cracks—stories that inspired, nourished, challenged and provoked. We heard people from across our region talk about where our food comes from, how collaboration across cultures really happens, the joy and medicine of the arts, the beauty of ancestral gifts, the impact of environmental racism, and the choice to be empowered from within.

See highlights of these sessions in this 20-minute video and find out what we said about the experience.

Narrative Project sessions

Empowered From Within

June 11. Empowered from within. Trusting our inner light activates a sense of purpose, healing, identity and joy that no longer depend on external narratives. Hosted by Tara Taylor.

Growing More Good Food Stories


Together We Stand

April 16. Together we stand. Musicians from two women’s singing groups share the story behind a powerful music video and the cross-cultural collaboration that made it possible. Hosted by Maggie Burton.

Land, Water, Ourselves, Each other.

June 4. Land, water, ourselves, each other. Persistent, courageous voices call attention to the shocking impact of environmental racism on Black and Indigenous communities. Hosted by Andrea Currie.

Nourishing Our Communities

May 7. Nourishing our communities. Two food producers, from PEI and New Brunswick, introduce us to life on a small-scale farm, and Coco Love Alcorn turns our harvest into musical magic. Hosted by Duncan Ebata and Jason Doiron.

Re-Authoring Our World

April 2. Re-authoring our world. Chené Swart leads us through a series of questions that produce a bountiful harvest of reflections and commitments. Read what we said, watch the video.

Reclaiming Our Ancestral Gifts

May 21. Reclaiming ancestral gifts. An Indigenous Elder and a young Gael remind us of the value, beauty and healing power of ancestral knowledge, song, language, and connection. Hosted by Frances MacEachen (Frangag NicEachainn).

Arts as Medecine

April 23. Arts as medicine. In the aftermath of tragedy in Nova Scotia, Marc Almon reminds us that the arts bring us together and help us imagine a more creative and compassionate world. Hosted by Tara Taylor.

Opening a Space for Connection

March 26. Opening a space of connection. Elder Albert Marshall reminds us of our responsibility to each other and the land, and Andrea Currie invites us to bring our whole selves. Duncan Ebata introduces some guidelines for engaging.

Let’s Start a Conversation