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I am so glad we got to work with Duncan to build a new website, social media and marketing plan.  Duncan built us an asset: a tool, resource, a piece of infrastructure that is helping us grow.  He built us something we can use easily:  Our sales and reach have greatly increased with these in place.
Plus, working with Duncan was fun and painless!  He managed to change my perspective, teach me things, and get me to change my habits without me even noticing!  I spend the same amount of time doing marketing, but with far greater impact now, thanks to what I’ve learned.  I’m so grateful for getting to work with Duncan.  It was time and money well-spent.”
Jayme Melrose

Director, Common Roots Urban Farm

Duncan approaches each project with a level of enthusiasm that is second to none! He works tirelessly at deepening his understanding of our brand and is effective at guiding us through our marketing/branding initiatives in a holistic way. It is always a pleasure to work with Duncan. Not only will I always welcome the opportunity to do so in the future but encourage others to do the same. Duncan’s competitive edge is his sincere passion for supporting local business in being as innovative as possible. He WILL take your enterprise to the next level.

Britt Mastroinni

Managing Director, Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op


How to build trust and grow sales in 2017

People who like you will listen to you, people who trust you will buy from you. - Zig Zigler People buy from who they know, like, and trust. From working with over  50 growing food businesses in the past 5 years, I know that the fastest growing enterprises invest more...

5 Second Rule Brain Hack that Has Changed My Life Recently I watched this 5 Second Rule podcast interview of  Mel Robbins and it's rapidly increased my productivity by reducing procrastination and overthinking in the last few days. It's also helped me to understand how...


Duncan Ebata

Duncan Ebata

Food Community Builder and Marketer

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