Duncan Ebata

Social Entrepreneur | Experience Host | Food Community Builder

Current Projects

Re-Authoring Narratives and Community Development Work

Hosting Capacity Building and Best Practices for Community Development, Re-Authoring Narratives etc. Learn more

Front Street Community Oven

A new wood-fired community oven and community hub being built in spring 2019 in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada. A place to cook together, eat together, and be together. Learn more

Food Story Adventures

I’ve teamed up with Earth Rhythms to put together unique experiences in our beautiful Annapolis Valley to tell the food story of this place. We’ll be launching experiences in spring 2019.


How to Do Text to Speech for Mac

How to get your mac to read text to you Hi folks, I made a quick video on how to get your mac to read an article or any text on your computer to you so. I did this today because I had limited time and I wanted to listen to...

Electing Climate and Green New Deal Champions

Hi folks, This is a great email from Amara at 350.org and resource for people looking to elect climate champions. It's not about one party or another, just which candidates have stated publicly that they will support the Green New Deal. It also shares how to vote,...

Announcing Shift! Food

Hello friends, I have big news, I'm testing out doing more food work and less marketing work. Makes sense right? As you may know, over the past 3 years I've needed to cut gluten, dairy, and refined sugar completely out of my diet. When I first needed to shift my food...

How to Make Dairy-Free Coconut Yogurt

I don't buy coconut yogurt, because I haven't found one yet in Nova Scotia that isn't full of thickeners or other ingredients that I don't want to eat. I've made this 100% coconut yogurt recipe twice now and it's worked quite well. It's by far the easiest "how to make...

About Me

Food and community are at the heart of what I do.  I’m passionate about creating economic and community models that work for humans and our planet. Models that are designed to create thriving economies, not growth based economies.

My work wrestles with the question: how we can we work together to re-weave and re-author our connection to the earth and each other?

Currently, I’m transitioning from doing marketing for food based social enterprises across Canada, which has been my focus for the past 8 years, to doing even more work in my community in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. I’m not taking on new clients, but you can see my work and find free resources under: Marketing

Currently I spend my time developing recipes and culinary workshops  (ShiftFood.org), building a wood fired community oven and developing programming for it (FrontStreetOven.ca) and planning one-of-a-kind regenerative  experiences (hands on, food, culture, story, nature, music etc.)  in the Annapolis Valley (EarthRhythms.ca).

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Values for how I work: Generosity, Inclusion & Diversity, Respect & Kindness, Supportive & Encouraging, Lifelong Learning, Collaboration & Co-operation

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