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narrative coach & facilitator | Experience Host | Community Builder

Current Projects

The Narrative Project

The stories we tell are the stories we believe. The Narrative Project brings 333 people together to strengthen the narratives and stories we want to live by in Atlantic Canada.
Learn more

Front Street Community Oven

In 2019 we built a wood-fired community oven and community hub in downtown Wolfville, Nova Scotia. In our first summer we gathered 1854 people over 36 events. This is a place to cook together, eat together, and be together. Learn more

Rising Tide Experiences & Tours

I’ve teamed up with community developer, author, and world cycle tour guide, Adam Barnett! With our new social enterprise, Rising Tide, we are excited to be contributing to a new vision of tourism which serves both people and the environment. In 2021, along with amazing partners, we will be offering regenerative tours and experiences in our beautiful Annapolis Valley. We’re connecting guests to locals, food, stories, the tides, UNESCO Grand Pre, and the Gaspereau Valley. We’re already helping to  develop experiences that will provide a new income stream for artists, musicians, farmers, and food producers. Learn more


How to Do Text to Speech for Mac

How to get your mac to read text to you Hi folks, I made a quick video on how to get your mac to read an article or any text on your computer to you so. I did this today because I had limited time and I wanted to listen to...

Electing Climate and Green New Deal Champions

Hi folks, This is a great email from Amara at 350.org and resource for people looking to elect climate champions. It's not about one party or another, just which candidates have stated publicly that they will support the Green New Deal. It also shares how to vote,...

About Me

Food and community are at the heart of what I do. I’m passionate about creating community models which work for both humans and our planet. 

I’m driven by the urge to understand how we might renew our connections to the earth and to each other, and how we might re-author the narratives that describe and support such relationships. 

I look to the power of food. In its growth, harvest, preparation, and consumption we can engage with the wisdoms of the hand, heart, and head, coming to deep understandings of the relationships we share. We bond over food, we share it, we learn, we come to know each other and the land from which it grows.

Throughout history, food has provided the roots for peace and stability, sewn the seeds of change and progress, and nourished cooperation and innovation all across our planet. Food supports all.

In the first decade of my career, I was privileged to be a part of the growth of a new food system in Canada, one which places a high value on farmers and food producers. I was able to use my background in marketing to help develop food based social enterprises all across the country.

Fast forward to 2020; after helping to establish Wolfville’s Front Street Community Oven in 2019, I’ve shifted my attention to begin understanding the role narrative plays in shaping Atlantic Canadian communities. I’ve been working with the Narrative Project and coaching clients to re-author the collective and individual narratives that shape our view of the world and our actions. We’ve been exploring our preferred identities, mindsets, and the community narratives we want to live by; we are taking back the pen that writes the stories of our lives and communities.

In my downtime you can find me in the lovely town of Wolfville, Nova Scotia, beside my life-partner, Anne. I live an active lifestyle by walking, cycling, swimming, gardening, and playing basketball, and I love to be creative, play music, and spend time with friends and family; and of course, I love to cook and share great food, too.

For free resources and inspirations, or for more information about what I am up to, please journey over to my blog or sign up to be a part of my email community here.

And of course, don’t hesitate to drop me a line below! I’d love to start a conversation.



Guiding values: generosity, inclusion, diversity, respect, and kindness. Nurturing lifelong learning and supportive, collaborative relationships is important to me.

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