Duncan Ebata

Social Entrepreneur | Experience Host | Food Community Builder

Current Projects

Re-Authoring Narratives and Community Development Work

Hosting Capacity Building and Best Practices for Community Development, Re-Authoring Narratives etc. Learn more

Front Street Community Oven

A new wood-fired community oven and community hub being built in spring 2019 in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada. A place to cook together, eat together, and be together. Learn more

Rising Tide Experiences & Tours

I’ve teamed up with community developer, author, and world cycle tour guide, Adam Barnett, to start a new social enterprise called Rising Tide. In 2020, along with amazing partners, we will be offering regenerative tours and experiences in our beautiful Annapolis Valley that connect guests to locals, food stories, the tides, UNESCO Grand Pre, and Gaspereau Valley. We’re already helping to  develop experiences that will provide a new income stream for artists, musicians, farmers, and food producers. We’re excited to be part of a growing movement of  collectively working towards a new vision for thriving and regenerative tourism that works within our planetary limits and meets the needs of our communities. Learn more


How to Do Text to Speech for Mac

How to get your mac to read text to you Hi folks, I made a quick video on how to get your mac to read an article or any text on your computer to you so. I did this today because I had limited time and I wanted to listen to...

Electing Climate and Green New Deal Champions

Hi folks, This is a great email from Amara at 350.org and resource for people looking to elect climate champions. It's not about one party or another, just which candidates have stated publicly that they will support the Green New Deal. It also shares how to vote,...

About Me

Food and community are at the heart of what I do.  I’m passionate about creating thriving community models that work for humans and our planet. Processes and models that are designed to create thriving communities and economies, not growth based economies. For my work and strengths, this starts with individual and community transformation, from the wisdom of the head, heart, and hand. Starting with the hand, and the heart, and then the head. Today, the practices I’m involved in are also called experiential learning,  experiential tourism, re-authoring, behaviour change, community hubs, community development patterns, thriving economies, a new structure of consciousness, social innovation and as well as several others.

My work wrestles with the question: how we can we work together to re-weave and re-author our connection to the earth and each other?

My background is in marketing and developing food based social enterprises across Canada. I did this from 2010-2018 as means to support a new food system where farmers and food producers are valued and thrive. This was my focus for the past 8 years.  I’m not taking on new marketing clients, but you can see my work and find free resources under: Marketing

In summer of 2019, I spent my time managing the Front Street Community Oven: the build, fundraising, community building, the launch, and the intercultural programming for it. Right now, I’m spending most of my time re-thinking and re-authoring how tourism can play a role in shaping the future of rural communities in ways that the meet the needs of the community and the land over at Rising Tide Experiences & Consulting.  This starts with doing it, so I’m working with some amazing partners and clients to test and developing several one-of-a-kind regenerative  experiences (hands on, craft, food, culture, story, nature, music etc.) for travelers and locals to connect with the people and the land of the Annapolis Valley. This has serendipitously lead to work in hosting spaces and doing experiences for organisations that create space for transformation; space where people can play, be brave, think differently, naturally. This emerging approach is combines the power of fire, music, nature, story, deep appreciation, physical activity and co-creation (food, songs, narratives etc.) 

As I work more in this transformative space, I’ve been writing and sharing resource on my blog. If this peeks your curiousity, I invite you to join my email community here.and or drop me a line below.

Values for how I work: Generosity, Inclusion & Diversity, Respect & Kindness, Supportive & Encouraging, Lifelong Learning, Collaboration & Co-operation

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