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Hi there, I’m Duncan

I’m a food community builder and I consider it my calling to build a better food system. A food system that will provide good, clean, and fair food for all. Working on a good food project? Let’s talk about it!


I’ve worked primarily with food social enterprises and new media startups, so adaption and collaboration are in my bag. Whether it be branding for food social enterprises, promoting local investment funds, implementing community economic development strategies, hosting food community events, building entrepreneurial culture: building food communities and promoting social enterprises is what I do.

I’ve been fortunate to promote and grow amazing organizations like Just Us! Coffee, FarmWorks Investment Co-op, Slow Food in Canada, the Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre, Farmers Markets of Nova Scotia, Pie R Squared and many others dedicated to building a better food system. Want to connect or learn more about I’m doing now? I invite you to connect on Linkedin.


Branding, Digital Marketing (Content marketing, growth hacking), Food Community Building, Startup Development

Words to Live By

Patience, Gratitude, Passion, Hustle, Ask Why.

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