Experiential Concepts I’d Like to Do More Of 

Hosting Food Workshops that are Processed based: Wood-Fired Flatbreads of the World, Sauces and Flavour Balancing, for friends groups and organizations.

Food and Local Culture Based Experiential Team Building – send me a note here if you’d like to do something different with your team at work. Here’s some details on how it works: https://www.earthrhythms.ca/experiences 

Re-Authoring Narratives Facilitation Practice -I’d like to do it more in communities and organizations. I’ve been learning this practice for several months with Dr Chene Swart. It’s a process that can re-author community narratives and internal organization narratives in ways I’ve never seen before.

Community Dance Parties – last winter, some friends started hosting in-home dance parties. Some with themes like grilled cheese and tunes and some just bring your own playlist. This combined with community suppers, music, kitchen parties, stories by the fire, cross country skiing made winter so delightfully enjoyable last year.

Collective Songwriting/Re-Authoring Narratives/Co-Cooking: Like the event just passed on September 20th Our Fragile Earth Collective Songwriting with Kim Barlow and Terra Spencer, Community Supper with Selah Koile and myself cooking, Collectively Performing the Songs for for the earth, and a dance party with the Melberns. Done! Here’s the video of one of the collectively written songs:

Our Fragile Earth Songs of Hope & Inspiration from Celes Davar on Vimeo.

Projects and Events I’m Co-Hosting and Excited About Coming Up!

Oct 1st – The Huddle – this monthly event I help my partner, Anne Stieger, promote. The event brings together

Oct 5th – Open Oven at the Front Street Community Oven. Open ovens run until Oct 30th.

Oct 10th – Creative Co-Cooking and Re-Authoring Team Building with 25 person team (private event)

Oct 16th – Success Patterns for Community Development with Anne Stieger, NSCC, Community Sector Council Nova Scotia. 

Oct 18th Miꞌkmaq Month Celebration at the Front Street Community Oven

Oct 24 – Devour Street Food Party– Front Street Community Oven will be going and cookin’ up delights!

Thrive Hive – I’ve dived head first into a partnership to deliver experiential  “tastes” of How We Thrive around Nova Scotia this fall, winter and spring. Dates will be announced soon for late fall and winter and I’m very excited about it. 

Re-Authoring Narratives – I’ll be hosting more learning shares and events. I’d like to do on on re-authoring our relationship to the earth and maintaining hope in difficult times.

Planning Slow Food Culinary Adventures for 2020 with Adam Barnett and Celes Davar at Earth Rhythms.

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