Hi folks,

I’m prototyping projects that create more regular experiential learning opportunities, push the bar for regenerative slow tourism and entrepreneurship,  working on community narratives, and foster deeper connection between humans and the earth. I’ve passed on 90% of my food based social enterprise marketing clients to other businesses in the past year in order to do this work.

What does this mean? 

  • I’m not taking on new marketing clients and I’ll be doing the following types of projects:
    • Hosting Capacity Building and Best Practices for Community Development: Increasing how many projects I take on that build hosting/facilitation capacity, that build skills/our ability to converse with each other peacefully and effectively, that demonstrate experiential learning, and build community development capacity, hosting models for deeper human connection using ancient archetypes.
    • Re-Authoring Narratives – in community and organizations, so we can gracefully move into a thriving together economically and as communities by dispelling the problem narratives around us we don’t want more of and focusing on the stories we want more of.
    • Regenerative Community and Tourism Experience Development: planning, hosting and supporting communities develop transformative experiences for their guests through the Earth Rhythm’s model as well as hosting some of our own here in the Annapolis Valley.


  • Because gracefully responding to the current climate crisis and rapidly shifting economy, from resource and growth based economy to a thriving economy, requires:
    • increasing our capacity/skills to cooperatively work and live well together
    • unpacking the the narratives we don’t want more of and focusing on the narratives we want more of
    • re-authoring and reweaving our relationship to the earth
    • reconnecting with each other in deeper ways
    • deploying emergent and regenerative solutions, while constantly learning

Drop me a line if you want to chat about a project:http://duncanebata.com/contact

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