I used to not be courageous enough to share moments and stories in my life that moved me in a professional context.  I thought it wasn’t professional or appropriate, that no-one cared and it wasn’t useful, but boy was I wrong. When I look back at the last 10 years of my life, it is when I’ve shared moments that I want more of and focused on moments I want more of that they materialize, as if by magic.

In all my work (organizational development work, marketing work, community development, social enterprise), when I’ve shared the moments I want more of, they materialize into more of the moments I want and moments that complete surprise me. Today, I find that I am surprised all the time in my work and given gifts that move my heart every day. Part of this comes from seeing the world differently and part of this comes because I’m practicing my work differently.

The magic/aha moments/transformational parts of my work appear when these moments are shared, when I’m experiencing behaviourally in a fresh new way, when we share and appreciate the gifts of the moments we’ve shared and the moment we are in, and when we feel a connection between each other and in nature. Where brave space is created for moments of a moved heart to be shared, reflected, and unpacked, the impossible is possible and “the way things are” shifts.

What’s “bubbling up” for you when you read this? ” If anything, what caught your imagination? Fired your curiosity? What comes to mind when you read this?” I invite you to share in the comments below or send me a note via my contact page

This post is inspired by work I’m doing with Dr Chené Swart on Re-Authoring. I’ve been on a learning journey for the past few months with the Re-Authoring work, which is based on Michael White and David Epston’s narrative therapy, Peter Block’s community development work, Gervase Bushe and Bob Marshak’s Dialogic Organizational Development work, Jeff Zimmerman’s interpersonal neurobiology, Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht’s writings on meaning and presence, as well as Chené’s colleagues Tom Carlson, Griet Bouwen and Marianne Schapmans. See more: http://www.transformations.co.za/

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