I don’t buy coconut yogurt, because I haven’t found one yet in Nova Scotia that isn’t full of thickeners or other ingredients that I don’t want to eat. I’ve made this 100% coconut yogurt recipe twice now and it’s worked quite well. It’s by far the easiest “how to make coconut yogurt recipe” I’ve found yet. It uses Cultured Coconut milk kefir from my friend Linda Peers. I started using this product because I know Linda and because Dr Ashley Margeson recommended it as an alternative to some probiotics I was taking. Fun fact: Cultured Coconut has been tested at labs at Guelph University and contains 300+ billion CFU and 50+ strains of probiotic bacteria and yeast!

Yogurt disclaimer: If you don’t consume lots of fermented foods, coconut kefir, or other probiotics regularly, start with eating only a few tablespoons of this yogurt and see how you feel after 1 hour or so.

Easy Coconut Yogurt Recipe

This recipe is from Nirvana Nutrition based in Moncton, New Brunswick, from this Cultured Coconut Instagram post. I’ve made several additions in the instructions.


  • 3 tablespoons of The Cultured Coconut kefir
  • 1000 ml of boxed coconut milk (Real Thai brand which is 100% additive-free/no BPA issues associated with canned coconut milk)


  • Blend coconut milk until smooth and pour into a large glass jar.
  • Stir the coconut milk kefir into the coconut milk.
  • Cover the glass jar with cheese cloth/coffee filter and let ferment for 12-30 hours at room temperature. Like most bacterial processes, I’ve found that the warmer the temperature, the faster it ferments. I suggest that you taste it at 12 hours then every 5 hours after that. If you don’t want it to taste any more  “sour,” it’s time to put it in the fridge.
  • Stir and store in fridge to thicken for another 12-30 hours until desired consistency. It will thicken up quite a bit in the fridge.
  • If it is bubbly on the tongue, this does not mean it’s bad. This means that it fermented quickly and it has good probiotic content. It may also mean that it is more sour. If you don’t like it as is, give it to someone who likes it more sour and fermented or blend it with other sweeter things (smoothies, porridge, vegetable curry etc.)

I’m new to making this. How did yours turnout? Do you have any tips? Please leave a comment below.