Anne and I saw Coco Love Alcorn at Al Whittle Theatre in Wolfville. Her new album Wonderland is mind blowing. The album’s theme is “the spirit” and the music is wondrously soulful, lively, and inspiring.

As you may know, I loooove coffee, so it’s a big statement for me to say that  Coco’s new Wonderland album is better than coffee in the morning.

I just can’t stop singing Coco’s song “The River.” Last night, she sang this song with 150+ people at the Al Whittle Theatre and the room was vibrating with the voices and happy energy. Fun fact: since the release of “The River” has been covered by over 30 different choirs since she released it. Have a listen and you’ll know why. It’s a classic already.

Here’s some happiness music for your soul.

Have a happy day!